Welcome to Clearview Girls Hockey Saturday, November 22, 2014  









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 Every volunteer makes a difference

When it comes to volunteering in hockey, no gesture is too small. It’s the collective effort that makes the real difference, helps develop our great young talent, and makes our sport the greatest game of all. 


Welcome Clearview Icecats

*Congrats Clearview Teams*


Atom B - Silver Medalists

PeeWee B -Consolation Finalists

Bantam A - Gold Medal

Bantam BB - Semi Finalist

Midget BB - Silver Medal

Midget B - Silver Medal

Intermediate A - Semi Finalists





 OWHA Sanction Number 1415031

October 24, 2014 - October 26, 2014

 Intermediate Team (21 and under)
Looking for 1 forward and 1 defenceman

If interested in playing on the Intermediate team please contact either:

Richard Holland - or Mike Nieleszeruk-













The winner of the Peewee B $4000 All Ways trip voucher was
Fred Emslie
From Bolton, ON






Volunteers bring the game to life!

"Hockey would not survive without volunteers. In fact, the game would never have blossomed into a symbol of our nation without people donating their time—even if only to clear frozen ponds of snow so players had a place to play. Today, volunteering is an absolutely vital element of our game. Those who donate their time and energy make it all possible." ~






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